Spring 2019, Topics in Global/Comparative Studies: Modern Chinese History (HIST 3601 01), Eleanor Lim-Midyett
(HST 3601-01)

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This course will present a study of Chinese history from the fall of the Ming dynasty in 1644 to the present day. Although we will focus specifically on events in the history of what we recognize today as the People’s Republic of China, attention will also be given to both Taiwan and Hong Kong. We will look closely at the dynamic between the often seemingly incongruous domestic and foreign policies of the PRC Communist regime. The class will attempt to discern common social and political patterns in Chinese history by examining various facets of Chinese society including philosophy, literature, science, and art. Our class will focus on the growing role of the PRC as a world power and will also give special consideration to the question of whether or not China’s continued economic development and prosperity is indicative of a move towards more democratic freedoms for the Chinese people.

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