Spring 2019, History of Art I, HRT 1001 80, Michele Valentine
(HRT 1001 80)

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This course provides an introductory survey of the art and architecture of the Western world from prehistoric times through the medieval era. Because of the extensive time range and number of civilizations being examined, we will focus on those art objects and monuments most representative and significant for each art historical period. In the course we will study a broad range of art forms including architecture, sculpture, ceramics, painting, textiles, and metalwork. In order to understand the meaning and importance of these monuments and art objects for the people who created them, our study will approach these artworks in terms of their cultural and historical contexts, with reference to pertinent political, social, religious, and cultural institutions. And in order to place these Western cultures within a world context, connections and influences through cultural exchange, trade, warfare and migration will be included.

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